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Learn to make soap balls in our Handmilled soap making and scented products workshop

Herbal workshops

At Peter's Gate we offer a range of Herbal Workshops throughout the year. These workshops are designed to teach you about using herbs in all areas of life and to help you in kickstarting your natural, chemical-free, lifestyle.

Courses are held subject to availability  and via appointment. We are always happy to find a date which accommodates both parties. 

The basic cost for is R450.00 which includes morning, notes and all of the products made by you during the workshop.


*Some workshops have an added cost to cover expensive materials.

The workshops begin at 9.30 am and finish at 1:00 pm. They are held at our herbal center on the Midlands Meander



Basic Soap and Shampoo making
Learn to make soap and shampoo from scratch 

This workshop comprises of three elements which include:

~Learning to make natural soap from pure olive oil,

~Making a natural liquid shampoo or shampoo bar

~Liquid soap making. 

Handmilled Soap Making and Scented Products
Learn to make handmilled soap and a range of scented products

Everybody likes a good smelling environment. Here's how to do it without chemicals and artificial fragrances. This workshop teaches you to make beautiful handmilled soaps and soap balls as well as a range of other scented products.

Cosmetic Herbal Products
Learn to make a range of natural cosmetics

This workshop teaches you how to make your own cosmetics using natural ingredients. Included are, cleansers, toners and moisturisers, foot and hand care products and lots more . R50.00 additional fee

Fragrant Home
Learn to make a range of natural cleaning products and scented products to promote a chemical-free home.

This workshop teaches you how to make your own cleaning products using natural ingredients. Included are, window cleaner, furniture polish, carpet powders, room sprays, diffusers, scented salts and more. R50.00 additional fee

Culinary Herbs
Learn to cook with herbs

Improve your culinary skills with this workshop.

Included are, herb blends, oils,  vinegars, salts, liqueurs and preserves

R50.00 additional fee

Basic Medicinal Herbs and their Uses
Learn to make your own herbal remedies

Learn to make infusions, tinctures, ointments and other healing lotions and potions. Bring a hat as we spend quite a bit of time in the garden.

Herbs for Pets
Our products are tested on humans

Our popular medicinal course, see above with a special section for animal lovers.

Gift Making
Make a lovely range of easy herbal gifts to suit all tastes. 

Included are, room sprays, bath salts, bath oils, hand creams, herbal salts, and a range of other gifts

R50.00 additional fee


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