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The only products I've found that work on my skin so beautifully. I've moved from the area but still return to buy their products - I've found nothing that compares to the natural , gentle quality of Peter's gates products - Gabriella Leigh. 10 March 2021

I found the shop in Glenwood and bought some more lip balm and some more of your products. I am absolutely in love with your brand and your products and wanted to thank you for advising me on where I can find in my area. Your service is incredible and I have recommended your products to a few of my friends as I am so impressed! Hope you are blessed in this year to come- Sarah Rawlins. 08 January 2021

Your gel hand sanitiser is the best I've used! It is absolutely lovely and pleasant to smell! I've been using your arthritis cream for 2 weeks as I suffer from bad backache and wrist pain. It is not sicky, it smells lovely and it gives me about 6 - 7 hours of relief- Estelle Grobbelaar 30 January 2021