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Perennial Basil is a long living herb which mimics the taste of Sweet Basil.


Physical Description: Perennial Basil, as it's name suggests is a long lived plant which, if not allowed to become woody will last many years. It grows to a metre of more and provides aromatic and tasty leaves with a slightly rough texture. It has whord flowers which attract bees and butterflies.


Uses: It's a popular culinary herb, which mimics the flavour of sweet basil without the drama. It's a good fly repellent and can be grown near stables or braai areas.


Growing Conditions: Well-drained soil, full sun. It grows readily from cuttings


Harvesting: Harvest leaves as needed. Regular harvesting can promote bushier growth. Harvesting is often done before the plant flowers for the best flavor.

Basil - Perennial (Ocimum basilicum)

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