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Essential oils have been used for centuries and have a number of medicinal and cosmetic properties. At Peter's Gate we distil a range of our essential oils on site including tea tree, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. We guarantee all of our oils to be of the highest quality.  


Massage Oils

  • 50ml, dark glass bottle


  • Toning Massage Oil

    Great for toning and cellulite



    Black Pepper Oil

    Grapefruit Oil

    Juniperberry Oil



    Rejuvenating Massage Oil

    Invigorate and refresh the senses



    Rosemary Oil

    Bergamot Oil

    Frankinscense Oil

    Carrier Oil


    Romantic Massage Oil

    Delicate and Romantic



    Neroli Oil

    Ylang Ylang Oil

    Rose Oil

    Carrier Oil


    Beard Oil

    Grooming and nourishing



    Olive Oil

    Almond Oil


    Rosemary Essential Oil

    Lemon Grass Essential Oil


    Relaxing Massage Oil

    a combination of oils to promote relaxation


    Lavender Oil

    Rose Gernium Oil

    Carrier Oil









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