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Essential oils have been used for centuries and have a number of medicinal and cosmetic properties. At Peter's Gate we distil a range of our essential oils on site including tea tree, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus. We guarantee all of our oils to be of the highest quality.  


Our essential oils are sold in 10ml bottles but bulk prices are available on request.

Essential Oils - Ranges N~Y

  • 10ml dark glass bottle


  • Basil Oil - Antibacterial, invigorating

    Bergamot Oil- Hair restorative, calming, antiseptic 

    Black Pepper Oil- Warming, improves circulation

    Cedarwood Oil- Warming, enhances hair growth, treat acne and dandruff, moth repellent

    Cinammon Oil- Warming and mood enhancing

    Citronella Oil - Repels insects, especially mosquitoes

    Clove Oil- For toothache

    Clary Sage Oil- Relaxing, facilitates sleep

    Eucalyptus Oil- Decongestant and antiseptic

    Fennel oil- Promotes a healthy digestive system. Energising and balancing

    Grapefruit Oil- Cellulite and water retention

    Ginger Oil - For nausea and travel sickness

    Juniper Berry Oil -Anti bacterial, Skin and Scalp conditions

    Lavender Oil- Healing, Sleep inducing

    Lemon Oil - For viral, bacterial and fungal skin infections

    Lemon Balm Oil - uplifting, promotes a healthy nervous system

    Lemon Grass Oil - Invigorating, Mozzie repellant

    Neroli Oil - Skin conditions, wonderfully mood enhancing

    Orange Oil- Anti bacterial, Mood enhancing

    Peppermint Oil - For indigestion and congestion

    Palmarosa OilSkin care, relieve muscle ache, uplifting

    Pine Oil - Relieve fatigue and improves circulation

    Rose Fragrance Oil - Delicate and floral

    Rose Geranium Oil -  Relieves depression and anxiety

    Rosemary Oil - Antibacterial, promotes mental awareness

    Sandalwood Oil - Harmonising and calming. Relieves skin itching and inflammation

    Spearmint Oil - Used to aid digestive issues. Also used as an insecticide

    Tea Tree Oil- Antifungal, used to treat bacterial and viral skin infections

    Vanilla Fragrance Oil - Sweet and fragrant

    Ylang Ylang Oil - Healing, for the romantics





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